Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Be*j*ng, Day 2

I had my first full day of teaching today, and it went really well. More about that another day, because today I'm thinking about freedom...

1) When we go the room where we're doing the training, we go in a few minutes apart. In this part of Be*j*ng, a group of several foreigners would raise questions. And a group of Chinese nationals meeting with them would seem a little odd, too...
2) We have to keep our voices down. It's probably not a big deal, but you never know who might notice if voices could be heard out in the hall...or outside the window.
3) A few hours ago, I tried to get on facebook. Didn't work. I tried to get on my blog. Didn't work. I don't know if it was government control, but they tell me that they have periodic interference like that. Every other site was working, except for ones that really encourage self-expression. Hmmm.... (oh, wait...I couldn't get on the Peotone Baseball site to check the standings for Ben's baseball team....they're in first place!)

I'm thankful for a country where we can worship freely...and we don't have to "keep it down"...and I don't have to worry about the government censoring my facebook account. Maybe the Ch*nese worry that Farmville is secretly a capitalist conspiracy...

I'm still recovering from jet lag. My ability to write deep, thoughtful, and insightful blog posts is a little foggy. More tomorrow.

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