Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm not worthy...

I don't know how many missionaries have ever quoted Wayne and Garth in their blog from southeast Asia, but "I'm not worthy". (If you don't understand that reference, you need to study up on mindless 90's movies. Maybe google "Wayne's World".)
As part of our training sessions, we "interview" the TNTers about the people that they are training. You see, we train fairly small groups. Usually around 10-15 people (TNTers). The small group allows us to really go deep, discussing, wrestling, and even disagreeing quite a bit. You can teach/learn a lot more in that kind of setting.
The real magic happens AFTER we leave- when the TNTers go all over the country, training others. Here in the capital city, things are fairly easy. It's a city of 12 million people, so no one really bothers with us. But when the TNTers pass it on to other leaders (who often pass it on to others...), things are harder. The settings are more difficult. The demands of travel into remote tribal areas are intense. And the persecution they encounter is REAL...
I'm not worthy...but God has given us the opportunity to pass along what we know.
The picture you see here is "James" and "Roland", training a group of church leaders and pastors. Groups like that are happening all over the world. How cool is THAT?

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