Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting my Feet on the Ground

When I titled this blog posting, the phrase had several meanings:
1) Right as we pulled away from the gate at O'Hare Tuesday night, they had a problem with a hydraulic pump. That meant that we sat there for more than an hour. After the repairs (which I assume were successful because I'm not floating in the Gulf of Mexico right now), they made up the time in the air and we arrived exactly 6 minutes late in Sau Paulo. After about 11 hours on a plane, it's WONDERFUL to "get my feet on the ground".
2) This is my first time in Brazil, so I'm trying to "get my feet on the ground" culturally. I've been to Ecuador several times, but Brazil is completely different- different language (Portuguese), different climate (hot), and different culture (by far the most European of the South American nations). I was picked up at the airport by Eduardo Mendes, who is an Elder at Primiera Igreja Batista de Atibaia (First Baptist Church of Atibaia). We had about an hour's drive, and he immediately helped me to feel at home. (For those of you in the midwest, the temperature was a humid 86 when I landed)
3) Tim Sattler, the Director of our Brazil ministry, began the training on Monday, so I arrived a couple days late. I've been trying to catch up on relationships and content very quickly- "getting my feet on the ground".

Our Brazilian training is hosted by the church in Atibaia, which is a small city outside Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is the 7th largest metropolitan area in the world- think of the New York area with the population packed into half the area.

The 12 pastor-trainers we're working with are from all over the country. They're training hundreds of pastors in their regions. I'll write more about that in the next few days.

Midnight...tired...good night :-)

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