Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ready for a new week

I don't have time to write much tonight, because it's after midnight. We spent 6 hours driving 450 kilometers to Garca, Brazil, where we'll be teaching for the next few days. We worshipped with the Baptist Church here tonight. It's always encouraging to meet other members of God's family.

We start up a new "second generation training" tomorrow. That means that we're partnering with Pastor Edson, who is one of the guys we were training last week in Atibaia. The guys we train have all committed to pass it on to others. There are pastors and leaders ALL OVER Brazil who are being impacted by LRI's training. I'll say more about that tomorrow, when I have more time.

One interesting note- there were hundreds (literally...not an exaggeration) of green parakeet-type birds in the trees outside our window when we got here this afternoon. Amazing sight.

Prayer Requests
1) It's going to be a short night. Pray that God will give us restful sleep.
2) I'm teaching tomorrow about "staying on the line", which basically means teaching "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" when we preach God's word. Pray that I'll be effective, and that God will use it.
3) I'm 500 kilometers "in-country", in the Brazilian forests. This is WAY outside my cultural comfort zone. Pray that I'll be able to connect w/ people when we're so different from each other.


  1. I Just found time to read these posts. I feel terrible that I did not follow more closely, as you write from the heart and it makes the reader (in this case me) feel almost as if they are with you on this journey. I do recall praying with/for you when you were on this mission. Praise God for bringing you home safely to your family and to your Church family.
    This last one is from February 28th. Today is April 15th. What, no more?

  2. I normally only blog when I'm travelling overseas (although I'm starting to consider doing it more often). February 28 was the last day I had internet access on that trip, so I didn't do anymore.