Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do the Math!

Someone asked me recently, "Why don't you guys do big crusades or rallies when you're overseas? You could impact a lot more people that way."

That sounds like a good question, doesn't it? This week, we are working with 21 people. In a country of 84 million. Not even a drop in the bucket.

What if we did a big crusade, and could reach 500 new people EVERY DAY?!?! THAT would be huge. Yes, it would. And I'm not critizing that approach. God clearly uses it.

But do the math: if Americans could be that effective (I could never understand why we think that WE can reach a country better than its own people can), we would have to hold a similarly effective event every day for the next 500 years to reach everyone in the country. And that wouldn't even deal with issues of helping people to grow and mature.

But we're working with 21. If each of them train 10 (which is a pretty low goal, honestly- they usually train more than that), that's 210. And if they each train 10.....and they each train 10....and so on, and so on....

How much impact could 50,000 trained pastors have in a country of 84,000,000? They could be meeting with people one-on-one. Teaching. Training. Discipling. Counselling. If each pastor works with 100 people, they would impact 5,000,000 people .

It would take the crusades about 27 years to reach that many. And there would be no trained leaders to teach...and train...and disciple...and counsel.

I love crusades. Maybe there's something exciting about small groups, too....and I get to be part of it all. Wow…


And one more thing- for those of you who are praying for me, and for those who are helping to make this possible financially…. YOU'RE PART OF IT, TOO!

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