Saturday, November 20, 2010

Too much to say, too little time

I'm leaving for the airport in 4 hours. I have time to blog, but I don't know where to start. I have a list of 11 different things I could write about, but they each seem like a big chunk to tackle. That's one of the challenges of blogging on these trips- far too much to say, and far too little time (not to mention the random nature of internet access).

I think I'll just give you a few quick thoughts. Hopefully (maybe....I really intend to...) I will write a few more "reflection entries" after I'm back in the States.

1) There are a million things about life in the United States that we take for granted.
2) People in different countries have different taste in food....VERY different taste in food.
3) Africa is beautiful- at least all the parts I've seen.
4) It's a mindboggling privilege to do God's work in places like this.
5) I love my family.
6) The more I travel, the less I think I know...
7) Long flights and layovers are a pain in the hinie...
8) God is good.

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