Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hope in Mathare

They estimate that 600,000 people live in the Mat hare an area of less than 2 square miles. They live in tiny shacks, packed like sardines - as many as 10 people in a 12 x 12 shack. Others are squeezed into 5-10 story highrises. No one really knows how many people there are in Mathare. But the material poverty is no more striking than the lack of hope. But I've been meeting people who are bringing hope to Mathare- they're called "Mission of Hope". Almost 3000 children are being educated (and loved) in their schools.Social workers are helping to mend broken families. And in a hundred other ways, this christian organization is BEING the church. It's a huge task, but the community is being impacted one life at a time. And we get to be part of all this...more on this later


  1. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Hi Mark!
    I'm always excited to see news of people working with Keith & Kathy Ham and Mary & Wallace Kamau. Their ministry is making such an impact on Mathare and God is richly blessing them. I look forward to hearing more of you adventures. Give my love to everyone - I'll be back there in July.
    Susan Shearer :0)