Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Planning" things in Africa

We arrived in Kenya on time Tuesday night. Doug Dunton, LRI Director for Africa, is with me, but his luggage is somewhere else- not the way we planned things. This morning, for no reason, I woke up @ 4 am...not the way I planned things. We are here to start up a second group of pastor-trainers in Kenya. However, there have been some "bumps in the road"- not the way we planned it. I had all these cool plans to blog, but I have no wireless - not the way (get the pattern yet?)

Fortunately, we have discovered several ways in which GOD has prepared the way for us, far better than we could have planned it. You see, in Africa, nothing goes the way you planned. But EVERYTHING is guided by the plans of our great God - and that's much better.

Tomorrow, we'll be meeting with some key church leaders, continuing to prepare for this weekends training. This group has great potential to impact 100's of thousands of people in the Mat hare slums. Thanks for praying!!

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