Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pentecostals and cultural stress

I just spoke at chapel for the Assemblies of God Bible college. 250ish highly motivated students. I love speaking to pentecostals- when I preach, they preach back. You know that I get enthusiastic when I speak to US suburban calvinists (is anybody awake out there?). Imagine what happens when a few "amens" come back at me. I spoke to them about luke 15- the overwhelming, unconditional love of God. Good stuff, and it really seemed like God was working. Thanks for your prayers.

After about 10 days, I really start to feel cultural
stress. Nothing feels completely comfortable, and it's tiring to navigate linguistic and cultural obstacles.

Tomorrow (thurs), we travel back to Dar es Salaam. Friday AM, we leave early to fly to London, and then home, arriving in Chicago early Sat aft.


  1. Mark! I've just caught up on the blogs. Very interesting! Not exactly the Midwest. I'm praying for a safe trip home.
    Love, Brother Bob

  2. Mark, I attended a Vineyard church for a year when I was a freshman at college. We all rebel in different ways. I was invigorating for a while and uttery unknowable and silly at other moments. Ulitimately I didn't feel at home with the theology and its praxis, but it seems to carry the gospel well to knew places. I believe it is one of the largest growing denominations currently. Thanks for blogging brother. Mark Dykstra